Panasonic Release the TC-P50U50

The Panasonic TC-P50U50 is also out for sale. It is the cheaper budget model of the TC-P50UT50 read review here

TC-P50U50 Front

TC-P50U50 Sales

The TC-P50U50 is the “Full HD only” version of the TC-P50UT50, yet still has the following features:

Mercury and Lead Free Panel
Long Panel Life
Game Mode
Media Player (SD, USB, DLAN via LAN)
SD Card Slot
2 HDMI Ports
1 USB Port

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Panasonic TC-P50UT50

Introducing the Panasonic TC-P50UT50 50 inch plasma TV. New for 2012, this VIERA has some updated features on Panasonic’s offering from last year. It features IPTV, 2D to 3D conversion, 1080p Full HD resolution, fast-switching phosphors, 2500 focused field drive, and VIERA Link. Details on the features and others explained further in this review….

TC-P50UT50 main

TC-P50UT50 Sales Button small

>>>>Click here to learn more about this product, read customer reviews and purchase at Amazon<<<<please remember that the actual price of the TV doesn’t show until you add the TV to your cart (this can be removed from your cart later if desired).


TC-P50UT50 Product Features

In this day and age, viewers expect their TV’s to have good vision & sound (pretty obvious!). On top of this, the viewer wants to have extra gadgets – which can be tweaked manually, or set to automatically adapt to both the on-screen visuals and sound circumstances, and to the atmosphere of the room the viewer is sitting in. To cater for this, the TC-P50UT50 includes the following features:


7 Picture Features of the TC-P50UT50

1- Active Shutter Progressive 3D Method
The TC-P50UT50 screen alternates images for each eye. The eyewear (3D) lenses, open and close in timing with the screen. This is done at high speed – making the images displayed as 3D. All of these 3D images are in full HD.

2- Fast-Switching Phosphor
Panasonic uses this technology on all of it’s full HD models. Fast switching phosphors reduce afterglow on 3D and 2D images, providing a richer viewing experience.

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 2D 3D Conversion


3- 2D-3D Conversion
Converts 2D to high quality 3D in real time. Panasonic technology is used to give greater depth and feel to the images, making the 3D effect appear even more realistic. DVD’s, Blu-ray and standard TV definition broadcasts all in actice 3D.
Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 24p Cinema Smoother


4- 3D 24p Cinema Smoother
The TC-P50UT50 produces natural 24p images. The 3D 24p Cinema Smoother optimizes the 24p images taken from a media source (Blu-ray, DVD etc), and gives them a smoother and more natural feel – just as the director intended.

5- 600 Hz Sub-field Drive
The frames-per-second are increased for a picture with more clarity with moving images. 600Hz means little-to-no motion blur on moving images, that can occur on slower frame rates. Using Panasonic’s 600Hz Sub-field Drive, means that fast paced sports and action movies appear crisper than ever.

6- 2,500 Focused Field Drive
This Panasonic technology reduces blurring, left over from images. Working with the 600Hz Sub-field Drive, the 2,500 Focused Field Drive tracks the movement of images in a similar way to the human eye. By using this technique, the Field Drive emits powerful light, rather than separated light, reducing image blur.
Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 websmoother
7- Web Smoother
Panasonic’s Web Smoother helps to ease the blurring that can occur on web movies and moving images.


7 Other TC-P50UT50 Features

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 IPTV

1- VIERA Connect IPTV
Want access to apps? Want to be able to access social network sites and stream movies from the web? Want to do it all from your TV? VIERA Connect allows you to do this on the TC-P50UT50 – giving access to Facebook, Skype, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Twitter, Wall Street Journal & so much more. The TC-P50UT50 gives access to a market site which gives you the freedom to choose exactly which apps you want, when you want.
The social apps allow you to follow Facebook & Twitter while also watching TV.

2- Skype Communication
Skype comes as part of the IPTV feature. Call friends and family around the world at any time for free! If you want to use video, there is an optional camera – the TY-CC20W

3- DLNA/Built-in Wi-Fi
Panasonic have incorporated DLNA technology into the TC-P50UT50, enabling users to watch movies, view photos and listen to music from anywhere in the home. A Wireless LAN Adaptor is required for networking around the home – TYWL20U

4- Game Mode
It’s important to eliminate lag when playing games on a TV, especially on a large display. Game Mode enables ultra-fast response times and reduces delay. All scenes, including dark scenes, are rendered to give more clarity and make all on-screen objects clearer to see, without “brightening”.
This mode will work with all your home consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii etc) and with the VIERA Connect collection of games apps.

5- Media Player
SD cards and USB flash drives can be plugged into the TV, allowing users to view photo’s, play music and view video files (including movies) on a large screen. The TC-P50UT50 has some cool features, including a slideshow viewer and the ability to add visual effects and music to your presentations. PC files on a big screen!

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 Smartphone Remote

6- Remote App Support: Smartphone Remote
The TC-P50UT50 “Remote App” allows remote control from your tablet or smartphone. It gives users the ability to fully control the TV and input text – very useful for the social interaction apps! They can also be used as a games pad.
– Free Point Operation – Allows for easy web browsing on a big screen. Simply use your touch screen as a pad.
– Game Pad Operation – Transform your game playing experience by using your smartphone or tablet as a gamepad
– Link to Browser – View any web content displayed on yuor smart device on the TC-P50UT50 simultaneously

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 Product Support Center

7- Product support & eHELP
The manual is built into the VIERA menu, so you can view it on-screen.


TC-P50UT50 Environmentally Friendly Features

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 Environmentally Friendly

There are several power-saving features on the TC-P50UT50 – including “Eco-Mode”, which automatically adjust brightness and can turn off power after long periods of no use (fully adjustable within setup). “Standby Power Save” & “Intelligent Auto-Standby” also come equipped.


TC-P50UT50 Technical Specs

Full HD 3D
Resolution: 1080p
2D to 3D Conversion
Viera Connect
Fast Switching Phosphors
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
Image Contrast Ratio: 2000000:01
Refresh Rate: 120Hz

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 Environmentally colors

Conclusion for the TC-P50UT50

Good Points

– Clear, crisp picture
– Menu is easy to navigate
– Lots of features

Not so Good Points

– Depending on the lighting of the room, the bezel edge of the TV can reflect at times
– Sometimes black images lack depth

We like what the Panasonic TC-P50UT50 has to offer. The picture is stunning – crisp and clear. It doesn’t matter what type of images you are viewing – the depth and clarity hold strong whether displaying still images or an action packed movie with millions of colours. The only area where it falls back on is with displaying pitch black images, which aren’t displayed with the same depth and contrast as the high-end plasma’s – but for a mid-level TV, it stands up to the visual display task very well.
Side angle viewing, which can be a problem with 3D Plasma TV’s isn’t an issue here. Family and friends can sit around this TV and all enjoy the same visual 3D experience.
Sound quality on board is good too, but as always, we would recommend that a separate home theater is purchased alongside the TV – the Panasonic SC-HTB15 makes an excellent companion.
The large selection of apps included as part of VIERA Connect IPTV, will keep you busy no matter what is on TV. It’s so convenient to Skype your friends and family, catch up on Facebook or see what Twitter has to offer in front of the big screen.

For a mid-level Plasma, the TC-P50UT50 offers excellent value for money. No doubt, with software upgrades the apps store will offer even more choice than you get out of the box.

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50UT50 Environmentally crisp

Note that there is also a 42 inch version – TC-P42UT50 and a 55 inch version – TC-P55UT50


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Panasonic TC-P50UT50
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Panasonic TC-P50UT50
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Panasonic TC-P50UT50
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